Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – Sophie Walls

View of the river in Christchurch Botanic garden.
Sophie Walls

After years of working as a solo podiatrist in remote and rural Australia, I was burnt out by the demands of small communities and from being professionally isolated. I knew there had to be a better way.

It was a no-brainer when I re-entered private practice in New Zealand that I needed to safeguard myself to ensure I managed my health and well-being whilst upholding the highest of industry standards.

Resonance Podiatry Group has allowed me to continue to run and own my own podiatry practice but with clinical and business support as I have required it. Whilst industry standards continue to develop within health care, it is reassuring to know that the robust systems that lie within the group are continually updated to reflect the changes within the industry.

Without losing what defines me as a successful podiatrist and business owner I have been able to further develop my clinical skills, develop and enhance systems, and implement technology within a supportive environment to ensure I am delivering the best possible evidence-based health care to my patients.

Being challenged clinically excites me as I still have the passion for my profession. Being a part of the Resonance Podiatry Group enables me to stay up to date with current research and allows for further professional growth. Thus, I am proud to be a part of Resonance Podiatry Group.

Sophie is a Podiatrist at our Merivale, Christchurch Clinic.

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