Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – Raewyn Phipps

That Wanaka Tree at Sunset, Lake Wanaka New Zealand
Resonance Podiatrist Raewyn Phipps

Podiatrist has been my response on any questionnaire that asks for occupation for over 25 years.

Often working alone, podiatry can be a lonely profession where one can feel isolated and without professional or clinical support – the Resonance group has changed all that. Being a Resonance podiatrist keeps me connected to other like-minded podiatrists as we strive to provide gold standard care and treatment across the spectrum of podiatric needs. Whether it be the at risk diabetic foot or children’s fast growing feet, the sports injury or nails that need that special attention, I love knowing that I can access other professional expertise from my Resonance colleagues.

Proud to be a podiatrist and doubly proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist.

Raewyn is a Podiatrist at our Wanaka clinic Resonance Aspiring Podiatry.

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