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  1. a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people; rapport kinship, affinity – a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character;
  2. a quality of richness or variety;
  3. a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone.


resonance is a cooperative of podiatrists working together to achieve clinical excellence”

Anne Dallas – Manawatu

We invite excellent podiatry practices to join our expanding resonance network. As we collaborate and co-operate a synergy and efficiency develops that allows us all to position ourselves at the forefront of podiatry in New Zealand.

The Resonance model

The way disciplines, such as medicine, dentistry, and podiatry, are being practised around the world is evolving. Podiatry in New Zealand has traditionally been a fragmented, isolated, small, owner-operator profession but it is changing into an industry where practice groups are becoming more common. This reduces a range of inefficiencies due to duplication and redundancy between individual businesses. At resonance we believe there can be a balance between the two models, and that the podiatrist business owner can have the best of both worlds.

At Resonance we firmly believe that the future of podiatry is within a cooperative group structure, where the podiatrist business owner is supported to develop a strong business model whilst providing high quality podiatry patient care through the support of the resonance team.

What the Resonance structure provides

Support for clinicians to develop and grow successful businesses that maintain their value under an umbrella cooperative structure.

Both businesses and clinical systems are supported to simplify the management of the practise and the patients.

We use ‘best practise’, ‘gold standard’, ‘evidenced based’, and ‘patient centric’ management strategies where clinical specialisms within the team are identified and shared to benefit the whole clinical team and therefore improve patient outcomes.There’s an underlying acknowledgement that one person can’t be an ‘expert’ in every clinical area but that within a strong team each individual is able to offer their expertise to the team making the whole group true experts.

We believe that collaboration and peer review are essential for optimal patient management and outcomes – this is a major resonance point of difference.

Benefits at a glance

Administrative assistance

Access to a combined infrastructure to help you manage your administrative needs, leaving you with more time to focus on your clinical work.

Clinical support

We provide a supportive collegial environment to facilitate the ongoing development of your clinical skills and your practice.

Purchasing power

As a group we can negotiate the best deals with our suppliers.

Combined marketing

As a large cohesive group we are more visible to the public, enabling us to attract more patients to our services.

Access to combined resources

As a synergistic group with a variety of specialities and equipment we can cover a wider range of podiatry requirements.

All while retaining the independence of running your own practice.


To find out more about joining the Resonance group please contact Lisa Whiteman