Katie Vodanovich (Stewart)

Katie Vodanovich (Stewart)Wellington City

Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry and City Podiatry

Sports and rehabilitation podiatrist Katie Vodanovich, has a passion for sports medicine, gait analysis, biomechanics, and paediatrics. She enjoys helping patients from all walks of life; ranging from youngsters, right to the elite athlete and the older adult.

Katie operates leading edge treadmill video gait and biopostural analysis facilities at Wellington’s Capital Sports Medicine. With ten years’ experience, access to premium technology, detailed clinical data and working within a collaborative environment, Katie can offer comprehensive treatment and management plans to her patients.

In addition to her clinical role, Katie is director of Resonance Capital Sports & City Podiatry and is also involved in providing technical training to Shoe Clinic, within their lower North Island stores.

Katie is passionate about improving her patients’ function, pain and quality of life, loves being extended by ongoing professional development, and enjoys imparting her knowledge to help others.

All of this certainly keeps her on her toes; along with her husband, dog, and two preschool aged children!


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Sports Medicine New Zealand Inc
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 Katie is a proud member of Podiatry New Zealand and Sports Medicine New Zealand