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Using leading edge technology we can help you analyse your performance. Resonance diagnostic analysis offers invaluable information that will allow you to improve and reach your optimum function.

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Resonance Running Experts integrates 3D running gait technology with diagnostic pressure plate, video gait, bio-postural, and ground shock systems. Our expert clinicians specialising in running and sports podiatry will provide comprehensive personalised analysis, management recommendations and reports to help you reach your goals.



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Run3 is the world’s first single camera 3D gait system. It does not require the placement of markers on the runner’s body. The runner can wear their own shoes and clothing—making 3D data collections, within millimetre accuracy, faster and easier. Run3 is accurate to 1.5 mm and provides a 3D biomechanical gait analysis. Run3 maps the surface of a runner’s body in real time as they run. The software scientifically compares the 3D “silhouette” with a normative model generated from the world’s largest database of running biomechanical and clinical data.

Run3 analysis is currently available at our Wellington clinics.

See info video here: Diagnosing Running Injuries Easily


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