Motion + Lab 3D

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis focuses on the position and alignment of the body and its relationship to the foot and the ground. From here we assess the forces, motion, and compensations contributing to injury or pain throughout the kinetic chain.

HD Dual camera treadmill analysis

Resonance’s Motion + Lab’s simultaneous high definition dual video capture gives us the best possible information about the runner or walker, to help us carefully craft a management plan to see you back enjoying life.

Our software

Specialised software by Silicon Coach provides the platform for detailed motion analysis. It is used by our multidisciplinary team to tailor your care and measure outcomes. You benefit by being able to see your body at work, and therefore better understand what’s going on. You can also view your improvement over time.

Run Vibe

runVIBE Clinical is a smart sensor, worn on the ankle, that measures ground impact shock, contact time, and the efficiency of your run.
runVIBE Clinical measures the effect of running technique changes to assist in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and improving running efficiency.