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Our Resonance Podiatrists deliver a friendly and professional approach to personalised patient care where you come first. Each of our independently owned and operated nationwide clinics is committed to providing the very best bespoke podiatry care for their community.

Experienced clinical team; Personalised care; Community focus

At Resonance we believe relationships are key and value a multidisciplinary approach to patient care through our professional links with your physio, GP and medical specialist. Our Resonance team has podiatrists across our network who specialise in various scopes of practise and areas of interest. This means that we can call on an expert for any patient need.

Capital City Podiatry Wellington for all your foot care needs
Step + Stride Podiatry in Auckland for all your foot care needs
Porirua Mana Podiatry
Hutt City Podiatry for all your foot care needs
Footwork Podiatry Fielding Manawatu for all your foot care needs
Motion Lab gait analysis
Resonance Podicure, Medical pedicure
Resonance Gold

If you would like to speak to someone, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.