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Katie Vodanovich works in our Capital Sports Podiatry role, specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, gait assessment and retraining and preventative management for both weekend warriors and elite level athletes.

Bronwyn Easterbrook-Smith works in our City Podiatry role to assess, treat, and help prevent reoccurrence of a range of skin and nail conditions, including fungal nail infections, verrucae (plantar warts), corns and calluses, and ingrown toenails. She also has perfected the art of creating beautiful comfortable feet with our Resonance Podicure – a hygienic medical grade pedicure.

Whether it’s pain in your foot, heel, legs or back we work with you every step of the way to help improve function and comfort in your everyday life.



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    Skin and Nail Care

    Resonance City Podiatry is our primary service for treatment of all manner of skin and nail conditions, including:

    • Ingrown toenails
    • Fungal nail infections
    • Acute toenail damage
    • Corns
    • Calluses
    • Verrucae or plantar warts
    • Dry or cracked heels and feet
    • Blistering

    We know you might be nervous about receiving treatment on your feet, especially if they are already in pain. We always take the utmost care to ensure that you are comfortable from beginning to end of your treatment, and leave feeling more confident and more comfortable with your feet.

    We also know that the way that your feet look is as important as they way that they feel, so Bronwyn, Katie and their team developed the Resonance Podicure.

    Radial Pressure Wave (RPW) – Shockwave Treatment

    We are committed to improving your comfort and function here at Capital Sports Podiatry, and the RPW Shockwave machine has allowed us to continue to advance our skills in helping you to become pain-free using this non-invasive leading-edge technology.

    Radial Pressure Waves are acoustic waves, which cause acute inflammation at the site of chronic injury. They help to reset the body’s response to chronic injures, encouraging increased blood flow and often improvement in symptoms in as few as 3 treatment sessions.

    There are many factors that can cause foot and leg pain and injury. These may present in the form of foot, arch or heel pain, calf or Achilles pain, shin pain, or knee pain, and are often linked to postural or structural imbalances causing overload and therefore pain. We will assess your biomechanics, gait, joint movement, strength and footwear, and provide you with a clear plan to help improve your pain and reduce the risk of future issue. All resonance podiatrists are ACC registered and hold an ACC contract for the funding of foot orthoses as part of the management plan following an accident.

    Resonance Podicure

    The Resonance Podicure is where Podiatry meets beauty. As podiatrists, we know the importance of comfortable feet, and now they can look as good as they feel. The Podicure is a bespoke medical pedicure, which is performed in our hygienic clinical setting using only the highest quality products. We can tailor the treatment to your needs, safely restoring skin to baby smooth and ensuring nails are trimmed and shaped correctly using our knowledge and experience.

    We also utilise the Keryflex Nail Restoration treatment, for people who have damaged or lost part of their nail(s) and wish to have them restored to a more regular shape for a special occasion or holiday.

    If you would like to find out more about the Resonance Podicure, including how to book in today, click the link here.

    Video and 3D gait analysis

    MotionLab at Capital Sports Podiatry offers state of the art technology for gait evaluation and biomechanical analysis.

    Katie is our MotionLab expert, utilising dual camera 2D, as well as 3D video gait analysis: a system which allows us to use 3D data to quantify the clinical picture. This 3D data from your running or walking is measured against a statistical ideal, which assists us to identify the cause of any biomechanical imbalances which have the potential to cause pain or dysfunction during running or walking. This tool is helpful both for runners and walkers alike who wish to make changes to their gait in order to improve efficiency, reduce their risk of injury in the future, and be secure in the knowledge that they are being guided by experts in this field.

    Meeting your needs

    Working within the multidisciplinary team at Wellington’s Capital Sports Medicine and Resonance Podiatry is a huge benefit to our clients. We are lucky to work alongside a group of totally passionate and highly respected health professionals. A vast majority of the medical clinicians at Capital Sports Medicine have treated top professional and recreational athletes and worked with national sports teams.

    If we can’t help you with what you have come to see us about, we will always refer you on to an appropriate professional who we believe can. This may be physiotherapy, a sports doctor, a specialist physiotherapist, sports nutritionist, or even to a surgeon or dermatologist.  We will always help you to find the right path to achieve your goals.

    Wellington City

    Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry and City Podiatry

    Sports and rehabilitation podiatrist Katie Vodanovich, has a passion for sports medicine, injury management, gait analysis and paediatrics. She specialises in all clients from the participant in everyday life, to the elite athlete.

    Katie operates leading edge dual camera 2D, as well as 3D walking and running assessment technology. With over ten years’ experience, and working within a collaborative environment, Katie can offer comprehensive treatment and management plans to her patients’.

    Additionally, Katie is Wellington’s RPW Shockwave expert, helping to reset the body’s natural healing process for those chronic complaints such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and Achilles tendinopathy.

    Katie is passionate about her work, and it keeps her on her toes along with her husband and two school and preschool aged children!


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    Sports Medicine New Zealand Inc
    Podiatry NZ


      Katie is a proud member of Podiatry New Zealand and Sports Medicine New Zealand


    Wellington City

    Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry and City Podiatry

    Bronwyn’s main goal in her work is improving function and comfort of all her clients, whether this be through general nail and skin care, biomechanical assessment and management of foot and lower limb conditions, or footwear advice.

    She has worked with the very young, to the older adult and feels comfortable with everything in between. Paediatric podiatry is a special interest to Bronwyn, as she knows how important early intervention and management of conditions can be, from growth plate injuries to ingrown toenails.

    Bronwyn is passionate about having podiatry which is available and relevant for all – helping develop the Resonance Podicure for women who want comfortable and beautiful feet, and becoming an expert in utilising the keryflex nail restoration system for people who might be embarrassed about their toenails. She advocates for the benefits of people improving their knowledge of self-care, and confidence in their bodies and feet.

    Podiatry NZ

    Bronwyn is a proud member of Podiatry NZ.

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