Shockwave Therapy

RPW Shockwave Therapy

RPW Shockwave Therapy, a non-invasive treatment to help improve chronic (over three months) musculoskeletal conditions such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis), and Achilles tendinopathy.

Therapeutic Shockwaves were introduced as a medical treatment for eliminating kidney stones 20 years ago; one side effect discovered was accelerated tissue healing in the same area, as well as increased bone density (increased bone healing).

It is a very successful treatment option especially when other conservative options have failed.  The literature and clinical evidence report up to 80% of patients achieve a full resolution of their symptoms, or at least a significant improvement of pain and function.

The Science:

RPW Shockwave Therapy uses compressed air to generate a radial pressure wave; this is mechanical energy that is converted into chemical energy for stimulation/regeneration of healthy tissue.

What it Means:

RPW Shockwave Therapy is designed to make chronic tissues acute again, to reset the body’s natural biological healing response. Along with triggering the bodies healing response, it can also alleviate pain, improve movement, improve circulation, reduce muscle tightness and painful trigger points (muscle knots). It’s as easy as one treatment per week, for 3-6 treatments.

If you, or someone you know is frustrated with pain, get in touch to see if RPW Shockwave Therapy could be right for you. Often Shockwave therapy is used in conjunction with strapping, orthotics, strengthening exercises and footwear advice.

Currently RPW Shockwave Treatment is only available at Capital Podiatry Centre location; Level 2, 342 Lambton Quay

Katie Vodanovich talks more about this treatment option here.

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