Resonance Podicure

The Podicure® is where podiatry meets beauty; it is a bespoke service dedicated to the health of your feet and nails.

Your feet are entrusted to our qualified and accredited podiatrists and includes both treatment and prevention. Our treatments are ideal for dry feet, where only a specialist clinical approach can get optimum results, all achieved with the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation to eliminate the risk of infection.

Select your treatment:

Platinum Podicure® – 60 min – $165

A medical grade pedicure including skin and nail assessment. We trim, shape and buff your nails, and remove any hard and/or dry skin on your toes and soles. Your lower legs and feet are massaged with a luxurious oil and organic bamboo scrub. Soothing hot towels are applied before a nourishing cuticle oil is massaged around the nail folds. This is followed by a softening moisturiser specific to your skins requirements, being massaged into your lower leg and feet, to rejuvenate your circulation. Have your nails painted with our Kester Black nail polishes as the finishing touch to the ultimate Podicure® experience.

Premium Podicure® – 45 min – $135

This treatment looks after those with high friction areas including blisters and callusing; these are treated within your consultation. We will trim, shape and buff your nails, and pay attention to any hard skin or areas of trauma. Your feet and lower legs are then massaged with a nourishing oil and organic bamboo scrub. A soothing hot towel is applied along with a specifically chosen moisturiser massaged into your lower leg and feet, ensuring you are ready and comfortable for your next training session or event.

Express Podicure® – 30 min – $80

Your treatment begins with your nails being trimmed, shaped and buffed, followed by the removal of any hard or dry skin on your toes or soles. A softening and rejuvenating moisturiser is expertly massaged into your feet. You will feel like you are ‘walking on air’ with our Express Podicure®.

We also have a range of add-ons available for any of the above treatment:

Kester Black Nail Polish Application – additional 15 mins – $45

Have your nails painted with our Kester Black nail polishes; available as an add-on to our Runner’s Rescue or Express Podicure® treatments.

Keryflex – additional 30 mins – $75

Cosmetic nail restoration to improve the appearance of unsightly or damaged toenails.

Products Available

Spirularin Verruca Serum – $42.50

Natural, painless and wound free removal of warts

Spirularin Nail Serum – $46

Natural care and regeneration of damaged/fungal nails

Gehwol Fusskraft and Soft Feet Product Ranges – from $34.50

Gift Vouchers are available for any of our treatments.

If you would like further details about our Resonance Podicure® services please complete the form below and we will be in touch with you soon, or call us on 04 499 8103. This service is currently only available at our Wellington CBD location at Level 2, 342 Lambton Quay.

As qualified and accredited podiatrists we always use sterile instruments and equipment.

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