ResPod Intern Programme

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A Resonance podiatry graduate internship is a multifaceted role designed to develop well rounded, highly skilled clinicians who are well placed for success in their podiatry career, across the whole range of sub-specialties podiatry has to offer.

A Resonance Intern develops a wealth of knowledge and experience:

  • Work alongside passionate and experienced Resonance podiatrists and business owners.
  • Experience vast clinical variety and hands on experience within a supportive environment, to facilitate the ongoing development of your clinical skills.
  • Learn the patient management excellence that comes from collaboration and peer review; practiced throughout the whole Resonance team.
  • Have the opportunity to work on projects within the larger Resonance Group. Be involved in the Resonance business systems, processes, policies and marketing, to expand your knowledge and understanding of how podiatry business operates.

This is a wide, varied and exciting role to kick off your podiatry career!

Resonance Internship Flyer

Resonance Graduate Intern Program Experience

Hi, I am Hannah and I am the 2018 Resonance Graduate intern.

I have been working at Resonance for six months now. I made the move down from Auckland to Wellington and it was probably one of the most beneficial things I could have done for myself and my career. Graduating from university, your first job is crucial, its where the proper learning begins, and it shapes you into the podiatrist you are going to be.

My role at Resonance includes clinical work for three different Resonance clinics each week. I work in clinic at Mana Podiatry, Hutt City Podiatry and Footwork Podiatry Feilding. I have three clinical mentors who provide me with regular ongoing support. encouragement and mentorship.  Working at three different clinics means that I am exposed to a diverse range of cliental. I am treating sports patients, paediatric patients, palliative patients, and patients with chronic conditions. This allows me to cover all aspects of podiatry and discover what aspects I want to further specialise and develop in.  The benefit of working in a variety of clinics is that I am learning from three different, highly skilled podiatrists, as well as their multi-disciplinary teams, allowing me to learn and adapt different skills from each of them.

Once a week I work alongside our Resonance Group CEO and clinical director to learn about the business and marketing aspect of podiatry. This has opened my eyes up to how a podiatry business operates and functions. I have had a lot of projects this year some include: managing the Resonance Facebook page, creating content for our Resonance website and creating Resonance processes and policies. We then spend the time having clinical reviews to discuss difficult patients or do some ongoing learning to get me a step closer to my goals.

If you are looking for a job that provides you with encouragement, support and opportunities to achieve your goals then you should look into applying for the Resonance internship program. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help kick start my Podiatry career.