Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – Parisa Forouzandeh

Podiatrist in gloves

My journey with Resonance started almost a decade ago when I was a student on placement at Resonance. 

I was struck with the level of professionalism, care and passion of the podiatrists I had observed. I had an immediate connection and sense of belonging to the group. It reaffirmed that I had chosen a career that was best for me and was both excited and absolutely terrified at the journey ahead.

The Resonance Group have been incredibly supportive of my growth, professional skills and I have received ongoing mentorship. 

As a young woman having aspirations to be a business owner with no prior experience was daunting. Lisa Whiteman has been a beacon in my life demonstrating exceptional leadership and mentorship.

Many years down the track I am proud to be a business owner, as well as being in partnership with a group of individuals who work daily, collectively for the betterment of our clients and community. 

I am proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist. 

It pushes my boundaries, it challenges me to rethink comfort zones, it inspires me to push through glass ceilings, keep an open mind, face my limitations and inspires me to be better, do better. 

I’m in the COVID19 lockdown, here remotely, protecting my business and planning. This is a shot of me working offsite designing an online webstore. And they say podiatrists just fix feet eh? 

Parisa is a Podiatrist at our Mana clinic.

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