Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – from our Founder Lisa Whiteman

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The past two weeks seem, on one hand to be stuck on fast-forward, and on the other hand to have passed at a snail’s pace.

As CEO of Resonance Podiatry Group I have never felt prouder of the whole ResPod team. Every single member of the organisation from reception, to financial, to marketing, the clinical team, and businesses owners has stepped up, mobilised, and adapted as the situation has changed around us so rapidly. Things have changed, then changed again, and then again. The length of the country, from Auckland to Wanaka, Resonance worked tirelessly to ensure that our core values, to provide gold standard Podiatry to our patients and communities, are delivered in a very different way, never faltered. The speed at which everyone worked to deliver timely and correct information has been awe inspiring and heart-warming. As a team, our different strengths have allowed us to support each other in a turbulent time, and to be more than the sum of our parts.

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Resonance has a culture of connectedness and adaptability and at this time I am so glad that we are already seasoned warriors of change. Our leading-edge integrated platforms, technology, and systems, which have been part of our daily operation for several years, made the transition to the world of virtual podiatry easy and seamless. Client wellbeing is our priority and our approach to podiatry ensures we have the resilience to maintain our high standards.

Our Allied Health Standard accreditation means we already had robust policies and procedures ready and waiting should a crisis occur. And, occur it has! And, we were ready.

Great People + Deep Culture + Practises Systems = Ready for Action!

I am proud to lead this group.

I am proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist

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