Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – Ashleigh Steiner

Close view of a Gymnast legs on a balance beam

It was through a word-of-mouth recommendation as a student that I first learnt about Resonance Podiatry, and it wasn’t long until the stars aligned and BAM! I was part of the team straight after I finished my degree. I have been with the Resonance Podiatry team for over six years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to belong to. From day one I have had exceptional mentors in not only my clinical and professional development, but leadership and personal development as well. The unwavering support, encouragement, and inspiration from the group is what gave me the confidence and skills to purchase my business and grow the third satellite clinic in Wellington. I belong to a group that practice with the highest standard of evidence-based research, both on a clinical level, but also on a leadership level too. We are constantly pushing each other to learn more as clinicians, as leaders, and as individuals, so that we can be the best version of ourselves to our patients, colleagues, friends and family. I have never known so much about the power of positive reinforcement until I learnt it with our group.

The constant support of the group is what has guided me to discover my passion and my specialty and evolve it. I have a keen affinity for Sports Medicine, which includes a holistic approach to all athletes and their injuries, and helping them to achieve their goals. My specialty also extends to anyone who suffers from any form of musculoskeletal issue to their lower limbs, or anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance in whatever activity they are passionate about. The over-arching passion I have is that I love connecting with people, my community, and helping people in any way that I can! If I can help improve a person’s quality of life, that’s where I thrive.


Through my role as a Resonance Podiatrist, the focus we have on collaboration has led me to develop some pretty awesome relationships with other allied health professionals, and it has provided me with a wealth of expertise to learn from that money just can’t buy. I have worked in two large multidisciplinary sports medicine clinics, a physiotherapy practice, two medical centres, as well as multiple aged care facilities along the way. Never mind the fact that our own team has 19 of us all together to learn from. The connections this has allowed me to form with patients from all walks of life, colleagues from all over, and the wider community is why I love what I do.

Your vibe attracts your tribe and I couldn’t ask for a better tribe of patients, colleagues, and support network to do this with.

Ashleigh is a Podiatrist at our Hutt City clinic.

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