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Hutt City Podiatry

Resonance Podiatry in Hutt City is conveniently located in the centre of Lower Hutt opposite Queensgate Mall, on Bloomfield Terrace. We are a team of experienced Podiatrists, specialising in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and General Podiatry, in Lower Hutt committed to provide the best possible care to help you return to work, sport and play.  Together we will work to reduce your pain, promote your healing, increase your strength, mobility and function.

Hutt City Podiatry is a registered ACC provider and an Allied Health Services Standard accredited clinic.

Foot Care

Gait analysis
Childrens Podiatry

Pain and Injury
Functional Podiatry

Ashleigh Steiner

 Director/ Podiatrist

Lauchlin Clark


Resonance Podiatry

Joanne Reeve

Clinical Assistant

Resonance Podiatry

Sophie Gray


(04) 260 3074

46 Bloomfield Terrace
Ground Floor, Bloomfield House
Lower Hutt City Central

Resonance Podiatry Foot Care

Your Resonance Podiatrist will help establish the diagnosis and cause of your foot problem, and will develop a management and treatment plan to help. Our podiatrists have a range of treatment modalities at hand including; palliative foot care, minor surgery, functional taping, orthoses, exercise programmes and foot manipulation and other therapy to address your foot problem.

Make an appointment to see your local Resonance podiatrists today so we can get you back on your feet and living life to its fullest!

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Gait analysis?

Gait analysis focuses on the position and alignment of the body and its relationship to the foot and the ground. From here we assess the forces, motion, and compensations contributing to injury or pain throughout the kinetic chain.

Mobile HD video analysis

Resonance’s Motion + Lab’s simultaneous high definition dual video capture gives us the best possible information about the runner or walker, to help us carefully craft a management plan to see you back enjoying life.

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Specialising in children’s podiatry

Children play

Podopaediatrics is an area of podiatry focused on the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders in children. Your podopaediatrician (children’ s podiatrist) understands the basic principles of child development, relevant milestones, normal and abnormal development, and commonly occurring foot problems in the child.

Painful legs and feet are common amongst children and adolescents, but pain is by no means normal. Pain should always be investigated if symptoms persist for 48 hours or more, if there is associated falling or tripping or self-withdrawal from sports and activity occurs.

Some of the more common areas of concern for parents include their children’s flat feet, in-toeing, heel pain, toe walking, ingrown toenails, plantar warts and skin rashes, and uneven or rapid shoe wear.

It is important to have your child’s feet evaluated by an experienced children’s podiatrist every year from around the age of four.

Our Resonance podiatrists can educate parents on appropriate footwear and normal development to provide peace of mind and sound management options.

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Foot pain

The foot is a very complex structure which is exposed to significant forces during day to day activities and foot pain can be a common complaint. Podiatrists are the medical professionals who diagnose and treat all foot pain and lower limb conditions.

Podiatric treatment for foot pain

Your Resonance Podiatrist will help establish the diagnosis and cause of your pain, and will develop a treatment and management plan to get you back on your feet. Our podiatrists have a range of treatment modalities at hand including; palliative foot careminor surgery, functional taping, orthoses, exercise programs, foot manipulation and other therapy to address your foot problems.

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Functional Podiatry

Our passion for all aspects of functional podiatry includes paediatrics (children), biomechanics, gait analysis, injury and post-operative rehabilitation and sports medicine as well as understanding any underlying issues causing or contributing to your foot and lower limb pain or dysfunction.

We also provide the highest level of evidence-based care of ingrown toenails, verrucas, corns, callus, and general comfort care, and High Risk foot management including comprehensive assessment and management of the Diabetic and Rheumatoid foot.

Ashleigh SteinerWellington Region

Resonance Hutt City and Mana Gait Diagnostics

Ashleigh is passionate about all facets of podiatric care and providing comprehensive treatment for patients from all walks of life. Ashleigh specialises in podiatric biomechanics and function, and has a particularly keen affinity for sports medicine and rehabilitation within the Podiatry profession. She holds a particular interest in gait analysis, biopostural and functional assessment, treatment and ultimately, prevention.

Having been a competitive artistic gymnast for ten years, Ashleigh has a real passion and understanding of biomechanics, and how the body’s biomechanical structure can have a significant impact on our overall function and wellbeing.

Ashleigh works predominantly as our lead sports and rehabilitation podiatrist in Lower Hutt City, working collaboratively with both fellow medical professionals and her patients, to holistically manage any lower limb issue whether it be a sports injury, post-operative rehabilitation, a common paediatric condition, joint pain and dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis, or the Diabetic foot. Additionally, Ashleigh utilises our leading edge 3D running gait analysis technology for best analysis and optimal management of our runners.

Ashleigh is also involved in our gait diagnostics clinic utilising our baropodometry gait analysis technology, assessing biopostural alignment, biomechanical function, and functional stability. She enjoys a collaborative approach working in partnership with her patients; whether elite athletes, weekend warriors, children, elderly, or those just wanting to get to the underlying cause of their musculoskeletal imbalances. Ashleigh is committed to getting you back on track with your goals.

Ashleigh talks about the gymnast and podiatrist as a team on our blog here.

Ashleigh Steiner working

Ashleigh Steiner performing

Ashleigh Steiner performing

Sports Medicine New Zealand Inc

Podiatry NZ    

Ashleigh is a proud member of Sports Medicine New Zealand and Podiatry New Zealand

Lauchlin ClarkWellington Region

Resonance Hutt City 

From an early age Lauchlin has always had a passion for the health sciences and has had a keen interest in helping others. Throughout the first few years of his adulthood, Lauchlin discovered that Podiatry would be an excellent and crucial career in helping people from all walks of life. With an aging population and increasing foot complications throughout the New Zealand population Lauchlin felt Podiatry would be a rewarding and purposeful Health profession to pursue. Lauchlin loves being given the chance to help the local community and is incredibly grateful to be in a position where he can significantly change people’s quality of life for the better.  

Lauchlin loves all areas of Podiatry, from sports podiatry to the surgical aspect. He is currently focusing on treating patients who need general care which involves treating patients with callus, plantar warts, ingrown toenails, amongst other foot conditions. Having the ability to offer people instant relief from pain caused by conditions such as ingrown toenails or corns is personally one of the most satisfying aspects of the occupation. Becoming a podiatrist was the best decision Lauchlin made regarding his passion for helping people and he especially loves the diversity in the patients we treat, from athletes to aging individuals.  

As someone who plays hockey, gyms frequently and loves to be active, Lauchlin believes it is vital that people understand the significance of foot-health awareness as it is a part of our body that can sometimes be overlooked or neglected even though they are the part of us that connects us to the earth. Many foot complications that we witness are preventable and with the right education, significant improvements to lower limb health can be achieved with a little self-care and knowledge. This is a crucial part of podiatry, as prevention is much more desired than treatment alone and is key to a healthier and happier New Zealand.

Lauchlin is a proud member of Podiatry New Zealand

Joanne Reeve

 Joanne is our wonderful Clinical Assistant at Resonance Hutt City Podiatry in Lower Hutt.  She joined the team in July 2020 coming from an EA/PA background. 

Joanne is the first smile you will meet in clinic and is passionate about providing a friendly and professional environment for all Hutt City Podiatry staff and clients. 

She spends her weekends with her husband helping their adult children around their houses/flats from gardening to painting and supporting her aging parents up in the Kapiti Coast. She loves friends and family gatherings, movies and watching most sports.

Wellington Region

Resonance Hutt City 

Sophie graduated from AUT in 2016 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry, she spent the following two years working in Auckland before heading home to the south island and working in Christchurch for four years. She has recently relocated to the wonderful Wellington with her partner and their dog Spud.

Sophie enjoys all areas of Podiatry and has most recently completed a post graduate diploma in Sport and Exercise medicine through Otago University. Having grown up seeing a podiatrist regularly for growing pains and orthotics, Sophie’s interest peaked at watching her gait change over the years. Sophie enjoys helping patients to return to activity after injury and helping them to be at their best.

A keen sports person, she has participated and competed in numerous sports of the years including rowing, track cycling, horse riding, hockey and tennis.

In her free time she enjoys walking her dog, spending time with family and friends and exploring around Wellington.

Sophie is a proud member of Podiatry New Zealand