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Raewyn Phipps

Wanaka Resonance Aspiring Podiatry Resonance Podiatrist Raewyn Phipps has years of clinical experience and a passion for musculoskeletal rehabilitation following surgery or injury. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Management from Otago University and is also a Level one Foot Manipulation Therapy practitioner (FMT). Raewyn values a multi-pronged approach to effective rehabilitation from injury…

Aspiring Podiatry

Resonance Aspiring Podiatry is well positioned in Wanaka CBD and providing all aspects of quality podiatric care including comfort care, injury management and gait analysis. We also stock a comprehensive range of orthotic-friendly shoes. Seasonal services include netball shoe fitting and summer sandals, and during winter and the snow season Raewyn is geared up to deal…

Meet the Team

Meet the Resonance Podiatry team At Resonance Podiatry we deliver a unique and professional approach to personalised patient care. resonance: a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people; rapport kinship, affinity; a quality of richness or variety; a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important. Support Crew  Crew on Leave