Foot Pain Management

Foot pain – a common complaint

The foot is a very complex structure which is exposed to significant forces during day to day activities. Podiatrists are the medical professionals who diagnose and treat all foot pain and lower limb conditions.

Podiatric treatment for foot pain

Your Resonance Podiatrist will help establish the diagnosis and cause of your pain, and will develop a treatment and management plan to get you back on your feet. Our podiatrists have a range of treatment modalities at hand including; palliative foot care, minor surgery, functional taping, orthoses, exercise programs, foot manipulation and other therapy to address your foot problems.

Superficial dry needling trigger point therapy

Superficial Dry Needling

Superficial Dry Needling

Musckoloskeletal pain is a common issue, and if that pain is sustained for a period of months, chronic pain can result.
During Superficial Dry Needling (SDN) a fine sterile needle is inserted into the skin immediately overlying a trigger point. This is not painful and is a very effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain. At Resonance, we have clinicians trained and experienced in SDN.
Call us to enquire if we have a specialist in your region.

Foot manipulation therapy

Foot manipulation is a treatment modality aimed at improving joint range of motion that is causing mechanical malalignment of the foot. It involves physical mobilisation and manipulation of joints, combined with strengthening and stretching exercises by the patient. It is a great supplement to traditional treatments such as orthotic therapy and surgical intervention.

Treatment of heel pain

Plantar fasciitis (also known a Chronic Plantar Heel Pain Syndrome, or Heel Spurs) is by far the most common cause of adult heel pain, and is in fact one of the most common ailments seen by our Resonance podiatrists on a daily basis. It usually shows up as pain on the bottom and or inside part of the heel – the pain is often worse when standing after sleeping or sitting.

Heel pain responds quickly to good podiatry management, so make an appointment to see one of our team today!

We also offer RPW Shockwave Treatment for heel pain; get in touch to find out if this might be right for you

There are many causes of pain in the front of the foot

Foot pain xrayPain in the ball of the foot can be caused by bunions, sesamoid pain, corns and callous, injury, ingrown toenails and nerve entrapment. Other causes of pain in the forefoot ball of your foot or toes can include: stress fractures, arthritis, claw toes, hammer toes, plantar plate disruption, and joint capsule pain.

Your Resonance Podiatrist will help establish the diagnosis and cause, and will develop a treatment plan to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible!