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Late in May, the Resonance team was instructed to, not turn up to the clinic, dress warmly, and to arrive at a secret rural location 1hr north of CBD Wellington. The resonance banner at the gate on SH1, was the only sign they were on the right path.

At Resonance, we strive for clinical excellence, business excellence as well as personal excellence, growth and development. Little did the team know that they were in for a day of ‘left field’ learning at Lead the Way, where communication, relationships and leadership was the name of the game! The learning was set to be well outside the comfort zone, pushing boundaries into the distinctly uncomfortable.

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Here’s what some of the Resonance crew had to say about their development day at Lead the Way….

Having been summoned from Wanaka I was pretty sure that whatever we were going to do would be well worth the effort. Even knowing how much Lisa likes horses, Leading the Way was a surprise.

I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to do something that I had never been exposed to before and to learning in a different medium.

For me the day was more about personal development and leadership style than team building. In saying that, I think the lessons we learnt will enhance the Resonance team immensely and we faced the challenge of our individual horse as a group.

I am putting into practise the clear and concise directives I learnt to give to Yella on my children!!

Many thanks for the opportunity Lisa, it was marvellous.

Raewyn Phipps

Resonance Aspiring Podiatry


Darren_Lead the way

Darren Barclay, Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry, at the Lead the Way leadership course.

The Lead the Way course was a unique and practical course that enabled me to improve recognize my leadership style, strengths and weakness. I never would have thought that it was possible to teach leadership skills with the help of such beautiful animals. The knowledge that I learned from the course will be able to be applied practically in everyday situations straight away! Andrew and Sam were knowledgeable and friendly, with plenty of time allowed for open and honest discussion and practice. Just make sure you have comfortable gumboots!

Darren Barclay


Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry


Parisa Forouzandeh, Resonance Mana Podiatry

Parisa Forouzandeh, Resonance Mana Podiatry, at the Lead the Way leadership course.

The Lead The Way development course was a thought provoking and profound course I was fortunate enough to attend with my colleagues. It touched on many aspects of my psyche that I will take on board for the rest of my personal and professional career. We spent the day away from our busy clinics in a serene farm interacting with horses to learn new and also to cement previously known leadership qualities skills. What I loved about that day was that the course did not focus on a one-fit approach to build leadership skills, but rather we all had to deconstruct ourselves in a practical approach. The course leaders Sam and Andrew called horses an emotional mirror and this was exactly the case. Visually I could see aspects of myself reflected through the behavior of my horse back and throughout the day we had to change our approach including  our body language and aura to get the outcome and task we set to achieve. It was an inspiring and energizing day. Thanks so much Sam and Andrew for a great day… my wee sweet horse ‘Lady’ and I will always have a soft spot!

Parisa Forouzandeh

Resonance Mana Podiatry


The entire day on the leadership course was incredible right from start to finish. Correlating my teachings with the horse to my work experiences, taught me a lot about myself. This course reinforced for me specifically the importance of slowing your energy down, to communicate clearly, concisely, and directly, as this was a skill required in order to enable the horse to understand your direction. This is extremely applicable to my work as a health professional whereby communication with patients, and interprofessionally, is essential. Within a day I learnt just how imperative it is, and how easy it is, to take the time to slow your energy down, in order to project information clearly in order to achieve best results. This is a massive confidence booster too! Sam and Andrew do a brilliant job at guiding you, but still ensuring you do the work to discover things at your own pace.

10/10 loved the course!

Ashleigh Steiner

Resonance Hutt City Podiatry


Anne Dallas of Resonance Footwork Podiatry

Anne Dallas of Resonance Footwork Podiatry, at the Lead the Way leadership course.

Katie Vodanovich, Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry.

Katie Vodanovich, Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry, at the Lead the Way leadership course.

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