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Exciting podiatry internship opportunity at Resonance!

Resonance Graduate Opportunity


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    We offer the right podiatry graduate a paid internship that provides:

Bronwyn Easterbrook-Smith

Wellington City and Porirua – Mana Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry, City Podiatry, and Mana Bronwyn is passionate about improving function and comfort of all of her clients, whether this be through general nail and skin care, biomechanical assessment and management of foot and lower limb conditions, or footwear advice. She has worked with the very…

Anne Dallas

Feilding Resonance Footwork  Anne has been a podiatrist since 1997. After graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry) from C.I.T. in Wellington, Anne has gained experience working in many aspects of podiatry both in New Zealand and in the United Kingdom. Having suffered with knee problems for years as a child, Anne saw a podiatrist, received…

Darren Barclay

Wellington City Resonance Capital Sports Podiatry and City Podiatry Darren is a qualified podiatrist and sports science graduate. Darren has a special interest in sports medicine, in particular running related injuries. Previous work in private practice in Australia has enhanced Darren’s clinical skills in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, injury prevention and gait retraining. Darren translates this into…

Ashleigh Steiner

Wellington Region Resonance Hutt City and Mana Gait Diagnostics Ashleigh is passionate about all facets of podiatric care and providing comprehensive treatment for patients from all walks of life. Ashleigh specialises in podiatric biomechanics and function, and has a particularly keen affinity for sports medicine and rehabilitation within the Podiatry profession. She holds a particular…