Nail Salons must be Regulated says PodiatryNZ

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An appalling lack of infection control is increasing the number of people acquiring fungal or viral infections such as warts and athlete’s foot following a manicure or pedicure.  In the worst-cases serious life-threatening infections like cellulitis have been contracted.[1]

“There is an urgent need for national standards to be implemented” says PodiatryNZ Chief Executive, Jennifer Pelvin.  “Currently local bylaws are a ‘hit and miss’ affair that often look at regulating the business while overlooking the need for training and registration of those providing services.”

Members of PodiatryNZ are reporting increases in the number of clients who have had bad experiences in beauty salons and nail bars. 

Lisa Whiteman, Clinical Director Resonance Podiatry believes that local Councils do not have the skills or expertise to oversee regulation required to keep the public safe in beauty salons delivering nail services.  “There is good reason why podiatrists must be registered under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act, it means they are qualified and competent to deliver safe services. 

The NZ Association of Registered Beauty Professionals (NZARBP) Health and Hygiene Guidelines are a step in the right direction but are simply not good enough” says Lisa. “With less than half of beauty salons being voluntary members of the Association, and with many nail salons not meeting the training standard to even be a member, these guidelines do not even come close to meeting minimum standards and customer safety.” 

Beauty providers are in a race to the bottom, delivering nail services down to a price.  This only creates greater risk for the unwary public.  While the podiatrists first concern is the health and wellbeing of patients, Lisa reports that in response to the trend for beauty treatments, her Allied Health Standard Accredited clinics are now providing ‘Podicure’ treatments, where high quality podiatry meets beauty in a bespoke service dedicated to the health of feet and nails.

Our Resonance Podiatrist Katie Vodanovich was interviewed on Radio New Zealand Morning Report, as well as 1 News to discuss this important public health issue.

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