Wearing orthotics around the house

New clean mat with shoes near entrance door and houseplant

Are you an orthotic wearer?? 

You’ve been home over lockdown and no doubt have increased your time without shoes or in the habit of wearing slippers while you’re inside your house.  

For the management of your pain and optimal function while you’re in indoors it is important to follow your specific management plan which you put in place with your Podiatrist, this includes doing your exercises and wearing your orthotics.  

Don’t wear shoes inside because you don’t want to traipse dirt or germs through the house? 

Nominate a pair of house shoes – give the soles a wash in a gentle detergent and warm water, allow them to dry thoroughly then only wear them inside the house. Your orthotics can now be transferred between outside shoes and your nominated house shoes, providing you support all day.   

By Resonance Podiatrist Nadia Sorensen


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