Sore Feet Don’t Stop – Couriers and Posties

Puhoi Valley letterboxes, Auckland, New Zealand

To the posties and couriers who dedicate themselves to keeping us connected with loved ones and essential products….. 

In your busy line of work that keeps us all connected and supplied with the essentials it is easy to overlook caring for your feet. During total lockdown, there was a high demand for the delivery of essential goods arriving by courier or through the post.  For you, this meant an increase in workload, possibly longer hours and more time on your feet. This sudden increase in activity can often cause pain. 

Ensuring you are wearing the right footwear can be a huge preventer for foot pain.  It is important that your shoes fit you properly, fasten firmly with laces, zips, or velcro and are both the correct width and length to support your feet. A dual density foam sole will offer cushioning as you’re hopping in and out of the vehicle and we also recommend flexibility in the toe area, no bending or twisting in the middle of the shoe and about a 1 cm lift at the heel. Most importantly, make sure your shoes are comfortable.

You may notice callus forming, areas of hardened skin, or corns which are usually painful, these can occur due to increased pressure and friction. Ideally you would come in and see a podiatrist and we could quickly and painlessly remove this for you, here are a few little tips for managing this yourself at home. You can use a foot file or pumice stone once or twice a week on dry skin to reduce the build-up of callus and we also recommend using a daily moisturiser. Clean moisture wicking socks inside your work shoes are also beneficial to help reduce friction inside your shoes. For more help you can check out this blog on managing corns, calluses and cracked skin at home by Resonance podiatrist Bronwyn.

With an increased amount of time on your feet foot pain can become problematic, particularly in your arches or heels. Contributing factors include poor foot mechanics, weak muscles, getting in and out of vehicles and increased weight from lifting heavy loads. Here are some strengthening exercises from our Resonance podiatrist Brittany that may be helpful in the interim. If the pain continues please reach out as we have video conferencing and phone appointments available, along with in-clinic visits, and a podiatrist can assist you by tailoring a plan to your specific needs.

Thank you for your ever-appreciated work Couriers and Posties!    

Resonance are here for you every step of the way   

By Resonance Podiatrists Nadia Sorenson and Caron Orleowitz

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