Foot Care for Service Station Retailers and Petrol Attendants

Man at petrol station refueling

A massive shout out to our Service Station Retailers and Petrol Attendants keeping us moving now we’re back on the road after lockdown! Now let us help you to keep moving as we know Sore Feet Don’t Stop!  

Time standing can lead to all sorts of aches and pains, particularly if you’re standing for longer than you usually would, you have poor foot mechanics or weak muscles. It might be that you’re getting sore heels or arches, the soles of your feet are aching or skin is building up where it hasn’t done in the past. Here are some strengthening exercises that may help…   

Have a think about what shoes you are wearing; are they soft or hard, are they supporting your feet or are your feet falling off the sides? Are there bits that dig in? Do they stay on your feet well or do you have to use the muscles in your feet to hold them on? It is important that your shoes fit you properly, fasten firmly with laces, zips, or velcro and are both the correct width and length to support your feet. A dual density foam sole will offer cushioning and we also recommend flexibility in the toe area, no bending or twisting in the middle of the shoe and about a 1 cm lift at the heel. Most importantly, make sure your shoes are comfortable. 

Corns and calluses, accumulations of hard skin on the soles of your feet or bony prominences, form in areas of high pressure or friction and can often be painful. Corns and callus are usually easily treated by your Podiatrist, however, here are a few things you can try at home. Try using a foot file or pumice stone to rub over the areas of built up skin, doing a little bit once or twice a week is usually more effective than sitting down to have a ‘good go’ at your feet. Follow with a foot cream or moisturiser, the higher the urea content the better at breaking down the hard skin.  

If your feet are getting wet throughout the day, you are more susceptible to fungal infections of the skin and nails. It pays to have a spare pair of dry, moisture wicking socks in your bag to change at break time if you need to. Using an antifungal foot powder or spray, such as Daktarin can help treat any fungal infections on the skin. Allowing your shoes and liners to dry in the sunshine can also help reduce the fungal spores. Fungal nail lacquers and tinctures are readily available at a pharmacy and can be applied at home.  

Lastly, it helps to keep your nails trimmed and filed. Excessively long nails can increase pressure within your shoes causing ingrowing toenails. Long toenails can become painful and uncomfortable if they cut into the toes on either side, particularly if the toes beside it are longer.    

When you get home take your shoes off and put your feet up, be kind to yourself.  

If you still need some help please give us a call on 0800 473 7763 or check out our website for more information at 

We thank you for keeping us moving during the lockdown, you are appreciated.  

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