Proud to be a Resonance Podiatrist – Caron Orelowitz

Podiatrist treating feet during the procedure

Resonance Step + Stride Podiatry in Remuera is the newest addition to the Resonance Group.

After a hiatus from private practice, I am excited to be back doing what I  love – focussing on treating children’s foot problems, athletes of all ages, foot deformities, injuries, and all aspects of lower limb biomechanical issues.

Over the years I have developed a special interest in children’s health and foot problems, sports injuries, and biomechanical issues. I have dedicated my career to the treatment of foot and lower limb pain in children and adults.

Children’s feet are in a constant state of development as they grow, and it’s crucial that we all embrace healthy foot care habits for kids.

I take pride in the services that I offer, and am totally committed to providing quality and evidenced based podiatry treatment while actively working together with other health care providers.

What makes Resonance Podiatrists stand out from the rest is that we are committed to continue providing quality care. Our secure online platform enables us to assist our patients by conducting Telehealth appointments. These have proven to be effective in delivering our ‘gold standard’ care. Although I did miss the ‘hands on’ approach while we were in lockdown, I was able to provide some interim advice and management plans until we could get back to face-to-face appointments.

I have never been prouder to be part of the Resonance Group. Working with passionate and dedicated Podiatrists in a very supportive environment during the good times and bad is an honour. This group is led by an amazing ‘guardian angel’ of a CEO who has so much to offer, and puts the needs of the group foremost, to ensure that each and every member of team feels cared for. We are supported by the fantastic administration team who although work behind the scenes, are in themselves angels.

Our aim is to work together to reduce your pain, promote healing, and to increase strength, mobility, and function.

To many more healthy feet.

I am proud to be Resonance Podiatrist

Caron Orelowitz

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