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Lets Talk About Chilblains – AKA Perniosis

Brrrrrr Will this Winter Ever End?!

Something we tend to see often in clinic over the winter months is chilblains – itchy, painful bumps that can occur with exposure to cold and damp conditions.
Although chilblains are especially common on the toes, they can also occur on heels, lower leg, thighs, back, fingers and even nose or ears.

Raewyn’s ‘So They Can’ African Adventure.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

Raewyn has recently returned from leading a group of nine, including five Wanaka residents, on a daring adventure through Kenya.

Photo_DCycling with Escape Adventures – 200 km from Nairobi to Tanzania. Roads used were mostly dirt tracks with no car in sight, a few motor bikes, but certainly no other muzungu (white person) on a bike. This trip was custom made for So They Can using a shortened version of Escape Adventures African ride.…

July News! ACC now fully fund Resonance Dynamic Orthotics, AFO’s, and Footwear

Approved ACC provider

Resonance Group is an approved ACC provider and holds the new ACC contract (July 2017) for the provision of orthoses, braces, and specialised footwear.

Following an injury, you are able to make an appointment at Resonance and we will submit your ACC claim for you. You do not need a referral.

If you require orthotics, braces, or specialised footwear we are able to work directly with ACC to ensure you receive the BEST and most suitable orthotic type to effectively manage your pain and dysfunction, regardless of cost.

Our new state-of-the-art Run3 3D gait analysis system in action!

Run3 is the world’s first single camera 3D gait system. It does not require the placement of markers on the runner’s body. The runner can wear their own shoes and clothing—making 3D data collections, within millimetre accuracy, faster and easier. Run3 is accurate to 1.5 mm and provides a 3D biomechanical gait analysis. Run3 maps…

We’re launching run3, state-of-the-art 3D running gait analysis equipment

Resonance Running Experts is about to launch state-of-the-art, 3D running gait analysis equipment, the first system to be brought into New Zealand.

Running is one of the World’s most popular forms of exercise. However, research shows that between 50-70% of runners sustain overuse injuries during any 12-month period. Overuse injuries as a result of training errors, are more common than acute injuries; such as muscle, ligament or tendon strains or sprains. Additionally, women are more commonly injured than men.

How to Choose Your Child’s Shoes

A new school term often means new school shoes are necessary for your children. Children’s feet can grow fast, often going through as many as 20 shoe sizes! Ensuring that you chose the proper shoe can help reduce the risk of painful complication such as in grown nails, blisters, and bunions. Here is a quick overview of a child’s foot and some tips on getting your child fitted for good quality shoes.…

My experience as a UK-qualified podiatrist working in New Zealand – Caroline McWilliams

My name is Caroline McWilliams. I am a UK-qualified podiatrist with experience in both the UK private sector and the NHS. In late 2014 I was presented with an opportunity to move to New Zealand. As you can appreciate this was not an easy decision to make.…

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