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Pharmacist and medicine shelf

Supporting our Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians! Some tips for those long days on your feet.

To all the Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians out there – Thank you for all of your hard work leading up to and during this lockdown! At Resonance Podiatry, we know how busy you are and applaud you for that. We also know that Sore Feet Don’t Stop, especially when you are busy! In the day…

Female nurse at the hospita

Supporting our Nurses

To all the nurses who dedicate themselves to care for others…  As a profession that helps people, you can often forget to help yourself. This blog post is to help you know how to keep your feet healthy during times that you may be up and on them more often. We want to keep you on your feet and doing your work like the superheroes you are! Sore feet don’t…

Door knocking

Resonance clinics offer home visit service

*Sadly, we are having to suspend our home visit service until such time as the COVID-19 alert is back at Level 2.* Following this the Covid 19 announcement this weekend, we understand that there may be some of you who are unable to venture out. Our resonance clinics in the Wellington CBD, Mana, Hutt City,…