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Idiopathic Toe Walking

Toe walking is believed to naturally occur as a child is developing a tandem heel-toe walking gait, and the heel-toe gait patterning becomes consistent generally prior to 24 months of age. Persistent toe walking beyond two years of age can be a cause for concern, and warrants further investigation in some cases as it can indicate possible underlying neuromuscular disorder.…

Running Economy Part II – Biomechanical Factors

In a previous article, we presented the topic of running economy (RE) and how important it is for both elite and recreational runners. Running economy is a complex, multifactorial concept that combines metabolic, cardiorespiratory, biomechanical (movement) and neuromuscular characteristics during submaximal effort. By improving your RE, you will be rewarded with more enjoyable running for many years.…

Football Injuries and your Podiatrist

Football is currently dominating both around the globe and in NZ. It requires a vast amount strength, speed, agility, balance, stamina and technical ability. Therefore, football carries a significant risk of injuries for the weekend warriors to the elite. We all know how frustrating it can be when sustaining an injury and nothing is worse than sitting on the sideline and watching your team play. Therefore, we need to be efficient and sensible when dealing with injuries not only to manage the current injury but work on injury prevention to reduce recurrence so you can get back on the pitch maximizing your full potential.

Resonance Podiatry have a new website!

We’re very pleased to announce that we have a new, completely upgraded website! The new site has been designed to ensure its functionality on mobile devices and has many new aspects and integrated features. Please take a stroll through www.respod.co.nz and check out our all-singing, all-dancing new site!

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Why Should I Care About Running Economy?

Running is a popular recreational and fitness activity enjoyed by hundreds of millions or people around the world. Its accessibility is arguably only surpassed by walking in terms of financial investment, equipment and skill required to reap its rewards. The rewards of cardio vascular exercise are many, and well documented. As in life, were there is reward there is risk, and the most common risk from running participation is the development of an overuse injury.…

A Focus on Freiberg’s Disease – a cause of forefoot pain

Freiberg’s disease (aka Freiberg’s infraction) is a painful condition that affects the metatarsal heads of the forefoot. It is thought to occur after there is a period of disruption in the normal bony growth processes. This results in degeneration of the bone as well as the cartilage of the metatarsal.